03. 07. 2019

Bratislava and its unique location in Europe: an important historical business and transport hub

The rapid growth of Slovakia’s richest region proves that investing will always be profitable. Take a look through history to see how Bratislava has become a centre of business and trading.

The intersection of the Amber Road and Danubian Road

The ancient Amber Road developed due to the transfer of amber from the coastal areas of the North and Baltic Seas (modern Lithuania) to the Mediterranean Sea (Italy and Greece). The Danubian Road connected the Black Sea and Western Europe.

These roads, two of the most important in Europe, crossed paths at the current intersection of Ventúrska and Panská Street in the city centre and the whole city was built around this crossroad. It was a unique location to live and trade. This was true then, now and certainly will be in the future.

Growing market force

The average employee’s salary in Slovakia rose to €1,013 in 2018 (Statistic Bureau of Slovakia), which is €205 more than in 2012.

Bratislava is above average with €1,358, which makes it the richest region in Slovakia and the EU’s 5thrichest region. People who earn more spend more. Get your piece of this pie and let them spend money in your retail outlet.

Not too small, not too big, but still growing

According to the census in 2016, there are 472,966 people living in Bratislava. Historically, this is the most (it has doubled since the 1950s). The real number of people regularly visiting the city is around 666,000. Tens of thousands of people commute here daily for work or to study. Many of them use trains or buses.

55,000 come and go through Nivy Station. It’ a great opportunity to become a part of the retail scene in the newly reconstructed bus station, which is much more than just a place to catch a bus.

Want to become a part of Nivy Station and have your retail outlet there? For further information contact us at retail@hbreavis.com.

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