08. 04. 2019

Nivy Station – made by the world’s architects

The modern city centre, the Nivy zone, created in collaboration with world famous architects, will deliver projects like a modern bus station with a shopping mall, a market and plenty of a lot of green spaces  in the zone.

The Nivy zone is a big construction site right now. The new city zone is being built in an abandoned area. A new transportation hub, a business centre and a relaxation centre are being created as a place where people can work, do business, live, relax, shop and attend cultural events.

Benoy: Nivy Station’s architectonic designer

The London-based architectural studio Benoy, a well-known studio of urbanists, architects and interior designers, is currently working on 33 projects around the world with 500 employees.

The founders of Benoy started as real estate dealers, but today they are designing first class shopping mall projects around the world such as the Westfield in London, Elements in Hong Kong and ION Orchard in Singapore.

Benoy has delivered about 300 projects and dozens among them were shopping malls. Their handwriting is really unique and they use interesting elements like pebbles, which are quite rare in architecture. You will also be able to find these elements at Nivy Station where there will be tree columns, referring to the element of nature. And that is their favourite „leitmotif “ that they use in their designs.

„The biggest added value, however, is what we don´t see,” said Michal Rachela, Product Design Manager of Nivy Station. „Linking a scheme with many features like a station, parking, shopping and a green roof is art. It’s really difficult to adjust supply, transport, office and other things.”

BDP: Green roof challenge

The green roof on top of Nivy Station is a big challenge. It was important to pick a suitable design studio, so the Project Design Team chose the BDP studio, the second biggest London-based studio, established in 1961. They have a separate design team in London dedicated to landscaping and green areas. They have a good reputation in London, putting them in the position of being able to do the reconstruction of the Parliament building.

The BDP studio has designed about 20-30 activities on the roof of the bus station. They assumed that people should have at least 10 reasons to visit the station. So, they planned many specific architectural solutions like a track, an outdoor gym zone, a petanque terrain, a streetball court, a climbing wall and many others.

The BDP studio has not only designed the bus station, but also a lot of green spaces in the zone. Since they know both public and private spaces very well, they can deliver functional spaces for active people.



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Nivy Station

  • A unique concept and design

  • The marketplace and the green roof

  • The future city centre

  • A fast-growing market

  • 55,000 + visitors a day

  • A strong partner and prestigious architects

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