29. 03. 2019

The new transportation hub for Bratislava

The Nivy zone has always been the traffic hub, the center of creative industry and a great place to live. So today we are bringing the modern zone back to life.

The big project Nivy Station will be part of the traffic hub once it’s finished, with a brand-new city boulevard as part of reconstruction the Mlynske Nivy road. The modern six-lane road will fulfill everyone’s needs.

The one and only in Slovakia

The first underground roundabout will also have an important role in traffic. It will be connecting the Nivy Station with the Twin City business center and also will be an entrance and exit to the boulevard in both ways, so that the pedestrians will have place to safely cross the road.

The underground roundabout will not only provide quality surface road, center island and tree planting, but will also have its own lightning system, that will bring more daylight to the roundabout and improve smoke and heat conduction in case of fire, contributing to safety of the underground junction.

Total investment to the infrastructure is 40 million euros.

Mlynske Nivy boulevard

  • Pavements
  • Cycling routes
  • Undercrossing /Subway
  • Underground junction
  • Greenery
  • Bus stops

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Nivy Station

  • A unique concept and design

  • The marketplace and the green roof

  • The future city centre

  • A fast-growing market

  • 55,000 + visitors a day

  • A strong partner and prestigious architects

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